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Fire Evacuation Training

A responsible person, must ensure as is reasonably practicable that everyone on the premises can escape safely in the event of a fire. You will still need to carry out a fire-risk assessment and make sure that you keep up all fire precautions and maintenance routines.

Once the fire risks have been identified, the appropriate controls should be put in place to highlight and mitigate the risk to an acceptable level. This should be accompanied by information and training appropriate to the risks and the nature of the individual’s reason for being on your premise.  

The exact level and type of training which is required depends on the results of your fire risk assessment. Suitable fire plans may include analysis and fire evacuation procedures, supported by training. The plan should be recorded, tested and reviewed on a regular basis.

Employers are required to ensure that all new employees undergo fire safety training, whereas existing employees undertake refresher training if any new fire risks are identified by a risk assessment. It is essential that all fire safety training is refreshed on a regular basis. 

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