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Fire Door Inspections

Maintenance of fire doors and recording of its ongoing condition and compliance forms part of the premises fire risk assessment, and is a duty of the responsible person. Our Fire Door Inspectors have the necessary experience and competence to undertake inspections on timber and steel fire doors in any building type. 

Upon completion of the inspection a detailed report, outlining the condition of the door and highlighting any remedial work will be issued. Where multiple doors are inspected the results will be consolidated into an easy to understand dashboard and table. Our inspectors will be on hand to support and advise you as well as whoever is undertaking the remedial work. These are important records that should be maintained with the premise log book.

Where new fire door sets or assemblies are being installed, our inspectors can support the full end to end process from ensuring the components selected are compliant and compatible to the door certification through to final inspection and sign off of the installed door set or assembly. 

Contact us to discuss your fire door inspection needs.

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