Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 legislation, all employers, owners, landlords or occupiers of business or non-domestic premises are known as the ‘responsible person’ and are required, by law, to provide staff with information and training on fire safety. The order says that the responsible person must manage any fire risk at your premises.

There are no specific time periods in law for how often fire risk assessments must be done or reviewed. It simply says that the person responsible for the assessment in your building must review it 'regularly' to make sure it's up to date. 


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says risk should be assessed "every time there are new machines, substances and procedures, which could lead to new hazards." An employer should carry out a risk assessment: whenever a new job brings in significant new hazards, this includes adding staff members to a building.

Fire risk assessments should therefore be reviewed on a regular basis. Commonly, it has become standard practice to review assessments on a yearly basis. However, if you feel that your assessment is no longer valid, or circumstances have changed within your premises, you are advised to conduct a fire risk assessment review to assess risks which are susceptible to change

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